Your Guide To Picking Coloured Contact Lenses

Confused as to which colour to opt for for your contact lenses? Here is a guide to sort you out...

Your Guide To Picking Coloured Contact Lenses
Many bespectacled people of this millennia have switched to contact lenses for multiple reasons. Over the decades, people started opting for coloured lenses. While some prefer a dramatic transformation, others are happier with a more subtle eye colours. If you are intending to buy a pair or two of coloured contact lenses and are confused as to which ones to opt for, fret not. Here is a guide to help you choose well.

3 Types Of Tints

Coloured Contact Lenses

  • Visibility Tint:  They are relatively lighter in colour and do not affect your natural eye-colour.
  • Enhancement Tint: Much darker than visibility tinted colour contacts but translucent, these coloured contact lenses look best on light-coloured eyes and make them look more intense.
  • Opaque Tint: Just as the adjective suggests, opaque tinted coloured contact lenses can change your eye-colour completely. People with darker skin tones should opt for these.  They are also used for special effects for dramatic appearances in theater, movie, etc.

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Custom Tinted Contact Lenses

Custom Tinted Contact Lenses

Not everyone uses coloured contacts lenses for cosmetic reasons. Nowadays, they are increasingly popular among athletes and professional sportspersons to enhance their vision during performances. For example, a green tint contact lens can help a lawn-tennis player see the tennis ball more clearly on the green court. These contact lenses enhance vision by creating contrast vision sensitivity and heightened depth perception.

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Choosing According To Skin Tones and Undertones

Colour Lenses

While choosing the right coloured contact lenses you must also take your skin tone and undertone in consideration.

Fair Skin – Blue and Grey

Tanned/Medium Skin – Hazel, Green, Honey, Dark Grey and Dark Blue (Sapphire/Navy)

Darker Skin – Warm Brown, Hazel, and Deep Honey

For better effect, make sure they are of slightly different shade than your eyeshadow, mascara, kajal, liner, etc. This will make your irises stand out perfectly.

Remember: The darker the skin tone, the deeper the contact lenses’ shade.

Warm Undertone: Go for natural browns, deep greys or warm honey hues. Avoid blues and greens.

Medium Undertone: Go for browns, hazel, honey, greens, greys, and even violets.

Cool Undertone: Go for relatively brighter hazel, light blues, and greens, even ambers, turquoise, aqua blue and violets.

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