Yearly Horoscope: Here Is What 2019 Has In Store For You

Yearly Horoscope: Here Is What 2019 Has In Store For You

While you’re still trying to deal with how soon 2018 ended, there’s fresh slate which is yours to claim! Maybe you have a list of resolutions ready – from traveling more, joining a fitness class to making wiser financial decisions. You probably swore to yourself that you will date better and even uninstall that stupid dating app that did you no good. There’s probably some things you need to move on from and some things to come home to. There’s so much you want to do this year and it’s all good. Fret not, here’s what the stars have predicted for you.


2019 is all about showing the world who you truly are and just how much you’re capable of doing! With an incredible power boost, you are ready to conquer your goals and ambitions. This energy can last till October post which you might want to tackle things diplomatically. You have good intentions but they end up being passive aggressive because you just aren’t graceful enough to carry it off. Bold and bright, this is your time to shine and showcase just how competitive you can be when needed. Finishing first might seem the priority but remember at the end of the day focus on why you decided to start this task in the first place. Travelling is written in the stars, be it short or long trips. Be mindful of tripping over your words in the month of March, July, and October especially when it comes to your feelings. Things might seem highly emotional and you can’t seem to figure out just how to express yourself. Fret not, listen to your heart and follow your gut to charm them all.


There are bound to be major changes in your life in 2019 so be prepared for some drastic ups and downs (all good ones!) in your balanced life.  Before you freak out, understand how this will benefit you and your life. You’ve been holding on to your old life for far too long and the universe is ready to get things moving full steam ahead with or without your compliance. So don’t fight it! You’ve had a rough year and now is the time to feel more easygoing. Change is inevitable and this time around, it is here to help you survive. Love and money are your strongest suits this 2019. Confronting your darker habits, instincts, and feelings can be scary but very much needed to move on ahead. New relationships are hovering around so make sure you see them through till the end for the best results. Work or romance, these new people will make you value yourself just a bit more this year. You might like stability but life wants to change. Keep an open mind and accept changes that are both beneficial and fulfilling to your heart.


2019 is all about money for you. Massive changes in your money matters are bound to happen so be warned. You will be looking at interesting hobbies and topics that you’d rather not share with the world just yet. This year will be splattered with changes in your love life, professional environments and your personal sense of style. Sociable and fun loving, you are the life of the party in the starting summer months. Prioritise friends and family as you will need all the loving you can get this year. Step gently around relationships, since you might not be seeing the full picture. This year might be against your logical side but go with your gut instincts to come out victorious in your endeavours.


This year is yours to own! You might have been a pushover last year but 2019 is the year you get a grip on all the things you deserve. Comfort is thrown out the window. You might have faced a disappointing year in different paths of life in 2018 and hence are afraid to show your real self to the world. You feel too deeply and that might have caused a hindrance in the past. It is time for healing and self-love. Parties and social events will help you gain a fresh perspective of the outer world and what really is your scene. New friends will empower you to take the much-needed steps ahead in life. You’re going to want to stick around with your partner for as long as it takes and work out all those minor kinks in your relationship. Work is prospering with the right efforts and patience with yourself and with those around you. It’s time to move on to new prospects and what better way than the start of a new year?

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2019 is the year of looking at everybody except you. Romance is high but are you willing to hide your true feelings any longer? The drama will ensue revealing big changes both good and bad. July is your month, making those urges of a party raise to the limits. It could be a house party or full blow wedding shenanigans. One thing is for sure, you will tackle anything your way with the same confidence be it work or your personal life. You’ve got the big Leo ego and feeding of compliments is your thing. Social media is on your side so make sure you treat those posts with care. Singles will find their mates while those committed can finally make those important decisions of the future – marriage and/or kids. New jobs along with better opportunities will hover around the end of 2019, don’t hesitate if you want to excel in your career and reach your personal goals faster.


Who else could be any more prosperous this new year? Virgos are the most practical beings but your emotions and logic are tearing you apart more than you show the world. You might battle with your head and heart but remember at the end of the day, both will help you reach wherever you need to go ahead in life. Romantic relationships are tested since you want a stable future but your partner is not yet ready for that kind of commitment. This year is all about clearing out any cobwebs from the past among families and friends for the sake of your own peace of mind. You are a stickler for details so update your schedules and get started on all those tasks you skipped out in 2018. Little things are of utmost importance now. You might face rough patches in March, July, and November but as long as you take everything with a pinch of salt, things should work out on their own pace.


2019 is all about fixing your personal relationships. This year is bound to be a game changer and focuses mainly on self-love. Balance is key when it comes to your life just the way you like it. Rebuild old relationships and work on your current ones for the future. Patch up with lost friends and out of touch people and rekindle those embers, romantic or friendship. You will have the whole year to do repair work but if you miss out you can still sort things out from September to December right before the year ends. You’ve placed family to the top of your priority list this year and rightly so. You want everyone to get along and if you had a choice to restore the balance, you would happily go along with the plan.


Your dreams are all set to come true in a big way. You have an incredible drive that stays strong all year round. You have a powerful boost of energy that helps you stay focused and professional when it comes to working. All this planning and strict schedules can cause overstressing so make sure you devote time to your mental health with activities and people you love. Romantic relationships will either turn into weddings or break into pieces. Although it will leave you hurt, this shift will help you understand how much both of you were willing to invest in this relationship. You will enjoy a fun birthday with lots of love from family and friends, so bask in it all. You deserve this year-end shower of love after the eventful year.

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Valuable lessons are spread throughout this New Year so keep your eyes and heart open. A balanced mix of fun and accepting attitude will help you share your thoughts with the world while still getting taken seriously. You tend to preach your beliefs because you feel it’s the right thing, and surprisingly they mostly are. Your faith in humanity is restored basis of personal experiences and teachings. Chaos in your life will finally settle down once you realise that everything happens for a reason. Meeting new people will help you find your potential partner or at best a new friend. New experiences, learnings, and feelings are surrounding you to be your best self this 2019.


Ambitious to the core, 2019 is meant for you to shine your way to those goals and show the world just how mature you really are. You are the boss of your life and are ready to flaunt that title to the world. The universe is all set to prove how you are on the correct path to achieving those goals and hold you back when it’s not the right way. Take your time to sort out tiny details before you move onto the next goal, or might just miss out on something of great value. Don’t let your ego stop you from asking for help or more time to catch up on deadlines. Romance is floating for couples and singles will find partners that will have a happy ending. Rebuild your self-esteem from scratch that was damaged in the last year on a solid and stable foundation of self-love.


‘New Year, New Me’ is your motto for 2019. This year is slow but you’re bound to mix things up. While your mind is asking for the same old routine, your heart is ready to move on to better things. Meeting new people is on the cards both professionally and romantically, who can help you get amazing opportunities and fulfill that void in your heart. Take time out from your busy schedule to introspect on learnings from the past year. Work ethic is in question but fortunately, not everything is your fault. So make sure you clear things out the direct way rather than talking in circles messing things up more than needed.


This year is set to be the epitome of your sensitivity, making you cautious and trusting. Life is cruel and trying to avoid confrontations can lead up to major disappointment when the truth is out. Positive vibes will help you survive this tumultuous time along with support and love from near and dear ones. You still care for people but now you’ve grown to understand between sympathy and empathy. Romantic energy is down low but that shouldn’t stop you from being your flirty best to acquire your interests. Finance is high this year so make sure you know just how to make those quick bucks. You can be the toughest signs when you want to be and that is an admirable quality.

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