Workout Trend: How Doing The Garba Can Help You Burn Calories

More reasons to do the Garba!

Workout Trend: How Doing The Garba Can Help You Burn Calories

Who doesn’t love all the jazz and festivities associated with Garba? But did you know doing the Garba can be a great workout too for all the hand, body and leg movement it involves? Read on to know more…

Desi Version Of Aerobics

Aerobics is fun alright, but adding a few twists and graceful can make it Garba-like. So, why not put on your workout clothes, go for a pair of leggings and pull a kurta over it, and go for it! Call all your friends, especially the ones with dancing feet. Decide upon a fixed time and have fun with your pals with desi aerobics. The best: You don’t have to wait for Navratri to do the Garba!

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Fun Way Of Burning Calories

That Garba is a lot of fun is a given! Since performing Garba requires a lot of physical exertion, you burn a lot of calories. Many have claimed that in the 2-months (or more) of Garba practice, they have not only lost the kilos, but have observed significant toning too.

Improves Stamina

Since Garba is draining, your body too will gear up to beat the exertion. This will improve blood circulation in your body, improving your stamina in turn. A square meal diet along with a healthy snack in between will complement this exercise.

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Improves Flexibility

Garba requires a lot of movements – twists, turns, bending-down, swaying of arms, bouncing on feet, etc. It is a full-body workout which requires your muscles to wear and tear naturally. This, along with improved blood circulation, helps in increasing the flexibility of your involuntary as well as voluntary muscles and also maintains the health of our bones and joints. Resting after garba for some time is a must, without which your muscles might get stressed.

Reduces Stress

Your whole day has been a bummer – working and hustling across the city to reach your sweet abode. Some might even prefer staying home over dressing up and going out for Navratri festivities. But there are others who know the benefits of the same. Garba calls for a social gathering and dance. These two things, according to various researches, have proved to be stress-busters. Call your social group to meet at a Garba event. Even if you are too tired to go for a spin, you can always have the option to stand aside and watch others! Either way, you are bound get rid of the day’s stress.

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