Workout Motivation: What To Wear At The Gym

Sweat it out in style!

Workout Motivation: What To Wear At The Gym

Exercising is one of the most important activities of the day that should be in your routine if it isn’t already. Since you cannot use your regular outfits to work out, you can always style your outfits in such a way that they look extremely fashionable! Here’s what you should wear at the gym.

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  • Choose a bright coloured sports bra

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Wearing a bright coloured sports bra will make you feel motivated and every time you look in the mirror, you’ll only be checking yourself out. Opt for pastel shades instead of dark colours so you’ll want to go to the gym just to flaunt it!
  • Invest in joggers


Athleisure is incomplete without a pair of joggers. Get a pair of your own, in shades of black, grey or dark blue to complete every workout outfit.

  • Have inspiring quotes on your top

What better way to persuade yourself to burn fat than a self-reminder on your clothes?

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  • Don’t wear boring shoes


Just like your sports bra, go for vibrant colours (brownie points if they match your sports bra!)

  • Distressed all the way


Distressed jeans are all the rage right now but it doesn’t have to be limited just to jeans! Wear a distressed tank top over your sports bra for the most comfort yet chic gym look.

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