Too Much Work? Here’s How To Handle It!

Too Much Work? Here’s How To Handle It!

Settle the chaos in your mind even when you have loads of work mounting on your desk. We tell you how!

Keep a ‘to do’ list

It has been proven time and again that writing notes makes one remember things easily. Writing down your tasks cuts down the anxiety and gives clarity. So make a to-do list first thing in the morning and pin it on your desk in such a place where you can constantly look at it. You can even make notes for the next day and keep them pinned on your desk.

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Do the difficult job first

Usually, morning times are the best to focus on work. Start your day by doing the toughest job or the work you detest as that is time when your concentration will be at its peak. So you will ensure that the work gets done quickly. Completing difficult tasks early will also give you motivation for the rest of the day.

Be ‘unavailable’ for some time

Being available is a good trait but not at the cost of hampering your work. You have to designate a time which will be your ‘unavailable time’. This way, you will ensure that your full attention is on the work. At this time, keep your mobile and colleagues at bay.

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Tick off your tasks

Make a habit of ticking off the tasks that have been completed. This way, you know how much work has been completed and how much you need to buckle up. The ticks give you a sense of accomplishment, thus giving you a positive mindset to work on your goals.

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