The Women’s March In USA: It was not history, it was ‘herstory!’

Click to see which celebs showed up and showed out for the largest inaugural march in U.S. history

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Jackie star Natalie Portman, who is pregnant with her second child, took the stage in L.A. to tell Trump, "you just started the revolution."
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Props to Kesha for the arts-and-crafts skills — and the powerful message to the president.
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Pretty sure James Franco and Jane Fonda need to have their own buddy comedy, no?
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Kerry Washington spoke in L.A. Now if only Olivia Pope would show up to handle this administration.
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Rihanna's Instagram post shows there's no accessory quite like a spot-on protest sign.
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Barbra Streisand was not going to let anything rain on this parade.
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Actress Alfre Woodard of Luke Cage spoke at the L.A. march.
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Katy Perry looking chic at the D.C. rally. The singer, who recently produced a powerful P.S.A. in support of Muslim Americans, has been an outspoken resistor of President Trump's agenda.
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Demi Lovato, recently returned from working with women in Kenya, took the stage at the Women's March in L.A.
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Supergirl on TV Melissa Benoist lifts her sign high, like a Supergirl would.
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Drew Barrymore says, "I love women. I live for my two daughters. And I am full of pride and unity with all women today."
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Actress Marisa Tomei says, "Got my pussy ears on and leaving for DC ! Sisters and Brothers , I hope to see you at the Marches xxx"
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Charlize Theron says she is, "Representing here at Sundance!"
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Padma Lakshmi shared a moment of making her signs.
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Just Miley Cyrus hanging out with Jane Fonda.
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Singer Pink got the whole family out for the L.A. Women's March.
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Singer Alicia Keys speaks to the crowd in D.C.
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Madonna dropped a few f-bombs in her speech, to make a point.
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Actress Scarlet Jo made a friend in Singer-actress Cher in D.C.
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America Ferrera of 'Ugly Betty' fame gets ready to take the stage in D.C
    In case you missed it, history was made in the capital of United States of America. Better yet, herstory. Women around the country have gathered in droves for a common cause: The Women's March. On Saturday, 21 January, over a million people around the country joined together in solidarity to raise awareness for women's rights. Many of these rights are now threatened under the new Trump administration. They marched peacefully and created a historic event. Naturally, this event included a few familiar faces. Celebrities far and wide joined marches both in Washington and in their respective cities — decked out in pink pussy hats, and full protest regalia. From Demi Lovato to Janelle Janelle Monáe to Madonna to Rihanna, some of our favorites hit the streets to march in solidarity. Click ahead to see which celebs showed up and showed out for the largest inaugural march in U.S. history.