Winter Special: Make-Up Tips For Cold And Dry Days

Winter Special: Make-Up Tips For Cold And Dry Days

Every season change brings along its own set of struggles, the very significant ones pertain to our health and beauty.  And if you are one to use the same make-up products and the same make-up techniques throughout the year, stop right away. Turn a new leaf into a new year, make it your resolution to take care of your skin with suitable make-up products and techniques from today!

Scrub, Pat, Tone

Make-Up Tips For Winter

The cold and relatively dry weather dries our skin. The dead skin cells keep piling up and if not scrubbed away regularly they will make your face look dull and lifeless. Not only this, the chances of acne are high because your skin cells aren’t getting enough oxygen. Use a moisturising scrub regularly to get rid of dead skin without drying your skin out.

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Winter Make-Up Tips

In winters, do not wipe your face after a thorough face wash; simply pat it dry using a cotton towel. Carry a suitable moisturiser in your bathroom and apply at least a coin-sized amount of the product right after you pat-dry your face. Massage gently. Also, even after layers of moisturiser and make-up, in the middle of the day, if your skin feels dry and stretchy, simply remove the make-up with a wet-wipe and re-moisturise your face. Do not leave your skin unprotected. Use 1 portion of sunscreen with 2 portions of moisturiser before you leave home for your daily activities.

Illuminating Primer

Winter Makeup Ideas

Primer is a must when you have a whole day ahead without a space to re-do your make-up all over. Primer helps set the foundation well. If your facial skin is already dry, in winters opt for an illuminating primer. It will give your skin an effortless and natural-looking glow.

Liquid-Based Foundation

Liquid-based foundation creams

Unlike hot summery days, opt for liquid-based foundation creams. A good liquid foundation will glide perfectly on well-scrubbed skin. If you have oily skin, opt for mousse foundation; this will prevent your face to look oily in the middle of your day at work.

Avoid Anything Compact

Avoid compact powders and even any face-powder for that matter. Instead, opt for a loose translucent powder; apply it lightly with a make-brush and NOT a powder-puff. If, in the middle of the day, your face becomes oily, simply pat an oil-blotting paper.

Use Highlighter


The summery glow is gone and the skin lacks natural glow. Opt for a good highlighter. If you are not a pro when it comes to make-up, avoid liquid highlighter. We suggest you opt for high-pigmented and not so powdery highlighter such as The Balm’s.

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Eye Make-Up

Eye Make-Up

In winter, keep your eye make-up subtle. Avoid applying kajal on the lower waterline of your eyes, unless you want to go for a smoky-eye look. Use a cream-based nude metallic eyeshadow to highlight the inner V of your eyes. This will add a natural-looking glow to your look.

Cream-Based Lip Colour

Cream-Based Lip Colour

Who likes chapped lips! Use a nicely tinted lip-gloss

Cream-Based Eyeshadow

Cream-Based Eyeshadow

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