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Winter Special: 6 Styling Tips For Wearing Saree At Work

Do not stop yourself from draping your favourite nine-yard drapery only because it is cold outside. This winter, flaunt your favourite saree by using these 6 styling tips to keep you warm and look sexy-in-a-saree at the same time!



There is no doubt a nice shawl can go with a saree. But, when it comes to looking really good and classy in a saree for work, opt for authentic handloom shawls such as pashmina shawl for an absolutely classy look, dhabla shawl for a very ethnic look, rabari shawl for a slight amount of rugged but very graceful element, kani shawl to add the right amount of lady-like regal look, etc.

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Full-Sleeved Shirt Blouse

Styling a shirt with a saree for work can never disappoint you. You can keep your arms and waist covered against cold and still rock the saree-look with an ace! If you are opting for a beautiful georgette saree, choose a contrast-hued crisp cotton shirt to go with it. For extra warm, you can wear a thermal inner (which is super thin and absolutely undetectable) under your shirt.

Long Sleeve Blouses

Long sleeved blouses will not only help your skin from being exposed to the cold and dry weather, but also will make you look slimmer. Opt for materials such as khaadi, linen, cotton-wool, etc. during cold winters. You can drape a nice handloom shawl to add extra elegance to your saree-look.

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Turtleneck Blouses


Thanks to creative visionary stylists, turtlenecks are a thing when it comes to styling sarees in winter days. You can opt for either a crop-turtleneck or a normal one as a saree-blouse. When it comes to styling a turtleneck and a saree for work, go for plain, dark and deep-hued turtlenecks to add an absolute no-nonsense element to your look.

Open Blazers

Bollywood actresses flaunt open blazers with sarees and we have never been prouder about the Indian fashion industry when it comes to stying sarees for work. Obviously, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi’s winter looks are not complete without a nice blazer on saree, one cannot help admire how lady-boss-like it all looks!

Woolen Saree Blouses


It may sound boring and not so fashionable, but woolen blouses are a thing to save you from teeth-clattering cold days. They may look dull and simply but with the right choice of saree, you can ace the look for work! Opt for sarees made of khaadi, tussar silk, linen, Assamese cotton-silk, etc. These materials will not only help you keep you relatively warmer than others but also with add a touch of formal-glam to your look.

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