Winter Outfit Ideas: How To Layer Like A Pro

Layer up!

Winter Outfit Ideas: How To Layer Like A Pro

Clever layering is about bringing your chic separates together so imaginatively that you don’t end up looking like an overstuffed sack. So, hike up your style quotient with these key elements to become a seasoned layer player.

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The dos


  • Use sheers over solids on the over-layer.
  • The fit body types can experiment with any direct cutting of inner layer; and for plus size Indian girls, asymmetric layers are advisable. They cut off fat almost vertically.
  • Let the inner layer be preferably fitted. It gives shape to the body.
  • Make sure your colour choices are appropriate. For example, a blue with green or purple will give a theme to your outfit and a pink and yellow would be a catchy colour block.
  • Use good accessories with layering. Some spring of colour or metal adds to the layering effect. Invest in wedges; they are comfortable and uber stylish.

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The don’ts

  • Do not use too many thick layers over each other. They’ll make you look bulky.
  • Do not use layers of the same length. The whole purpose of layering would be lost.
  • Do not wear too many layers during summer; you’ll end up all sweaty.
  • It’s not advisable for plus size women to wear too many layers and prints.
  • If you short avoid full-length dresses. They’ll make you look shorter.

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