Winter Fashion: Trendy Layers That You Can Flaunt In 2019

You may love hitting the beach in the hotter months of the year but absolutely NOTHING beats the chilly weather, boots and hot cocoa that winters bring along! This is the season of Ho Ho Ho and midnight kissing and endless get-togethers. This is also the season when even sitting alone in an open-air cafe can be romantic AF. Come winter and you love layering up. But how should you do it to look stylish and not like a walking closet? This article will help you out, sista!

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Double Jackets


Wearing two jackets of contrasting colors or prints is actually considered trendy now. Who would have thought right?! A long coat with a shorter jacket inside gives off a chic classic style. Try jackets in all kinds of materials such as PVC, velvet, fur, woolen, and leather to stay warm in style.

Cozy Coats


Long coats are warm, stylish and cozy. Easily styled with pants, dresses or jeans, long overcoats are perfect for the winter cold.

Stylish Sweaters


Sweaters have this amazing understated vibe amalgamated with a chic appeal. Wear it over a white shirt for a nerdy look, or with a skirt for a ‘fashion insider’ appeal.

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Comfy Cardigans


Cardigans feel comfy and warm, like a nice long snuggle. As you sit by the bonfire with a cup of cocoa in your hand, wear a cardigan over your dress or pants. This will make for a stunning Instagram post.

Pretty Ponchos


These can be practically worn over anything! For a more figure-flattering look, define your waist with a belt. Pair you poncho with boots for a more stylish appeal.

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