Winter Fashion: 3 Tips for Layering Your Winter Outfits

Winter Fashion: 3 Tips for Layering Your Winter Outfits

Skirts, dresses, pants, can leave us shivering so why not opt for heavier cozy layers and the right accessories and shoes to make up for the cold? You need to keep in mind several things like what color combinations work best, what materials are perfect for the weather and just where are you headed to for the day. Read on to understand what is layering and how you can master the art.

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What is Layering?

Winter Fashion Tips

Layering is the art of wearing and styling multiple clothes and still looking good in them. It could be matching styles or mismatched co-ord pieces that add just the right touch of style with comfort. It needs to be done right or else you’ll end up looking like a stuffed teddy bear when you’re really trying to be a style icon.

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How To Layer

Winter Fashion

It’s easier to layer the top rather than the bottom part of your outfits. And what you can’t layer – accessorize with shoes, bags, scarfs, etc.


Winter Skirts

Skirts are cute, flirty and short. But that doesn’t mean you won’t wear skirts or shorts for the entire winter right? Style your knee-length skirt with a pair of tights and boots. Or you could always pair it with a long cardigan or an oversized sweater with knee length boots. The key is to keep your upper body warm enough to not feel the chill on your legs (if you’re going for an open leg day).


Winter Pants

Even if you’re wearing pants to work or on casual days while you’re out with friends, you can always layer for extra warmth. Formal pants can be paired with blouses and blazers or sweater vests with a formal shirt underneath. A long coat or your blazer can act as an extra layer of warmth in the cool temperatures at work. Layering on jeans is quite easy since it’s a slimmer silhouette in the bottom half, you can go chunky (but tastefully) on the top. Wearing tank tops with blanket scarfs, sweater hoodies with oversized trench coats, heavy knitted dusters with boots and scarf are just some of the outfits you can try out.


Winter Dresses

Dresses are perfect to style with a lot of layering options. From cardigans to long jackets and sweaters under your summer dress. Get warm and cozy with your winter wear underneath and over to look chic even in the biting cold weather. Scarfs and boots are your best friends, so are closed toe shoes with quirky socks. Summer dresses can be turned into cute winter looks with long sleeved sweaters or even full sleeved tops under jumpers. Leggings – printed or plain under dresses are a flirty touch to an otherwise simple outfit.

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