Why You Should Start Using Under Eye Creams

Take care of your eye area before the damage is done!

Why You Should Start Using Under Eye Creams

Using a moisturiser under your eyes is not enough! The skin around your eyes is tender and requires more care than the rest of your skin. Everyone’s skin is not created the same and while some are oily, some are extremely dry. The undereye area of your eyes can suffer from dark circles, wrinkles, and puffiness. The right kind of cream will prevent these from appearing!

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For puffiness

Puffiness around your eyes stems from fluid buildup which makes your eyes swollen. It could come from allergies but also signifies sleep deprivation, bad diet, drinking alcohol and aging. Look out for ingredients that have caffeine or cucumber, which could help reduce swelling.

For dark circles

Those dark bags around your eyes don’t just appear without a reason! It could be caused by several factors like heredity, stress, smoking, sun exposure, pigmentation, and shadows from the hollowing out of your eyes. Vitamins C and K, kojic acid, and licorice can help you combat skin discoloration while ingredients like peptides can help plump up your skin to get rid of any shadows. You should also look for light-reflecting ingredients to give you an instant brightening effect.

For fine lines

Thinner skin mixed with constant muscle action (winking, blinking, even smiling) can lead your eyes to show signs of aging faster than the rest of your face. Make sure you look for collagen-building ingredients, such as retinol, to help boost thinning skin and smooth out fine lines.

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