Why Sonam Is Getting Trolled For Wearing This Outfit?

Click to know how Sonam Kapoor has reacted to the controversy created by her outfit.

Why Sonam Is Getting Trolled For Wearing This Outfit?



This morning everyone went gaga over Sonam Kapoor‘s outfit at a recent event. Not because of the obvious reasons, though. She wore a black frilly jumpsuit, the sides of which revealed more than usual and everyone went crazy talking about it. Many even termed it to be a wardrobe malfunction. Now we, too, found the outfit unflattering because there’s a way to flaunt your assets and Sonam has done that beautifully before. It could just be a day when even a fashionista like Sonam makes a bad outfit choice but as you know, Indians don’t leave a chance to troll someone. But it’s Sonam we are talking about and she just doesn’t care what anyone is talking about.

Sonam Kapoor
Sonam in that controversial black ruffled jumpsuit

Sonam took to Twitter to share her reaction to the photos that went viral by saying, “sexist nonsense. The photogs went out of their way to take these pics.. and frankly, I don’t give a damn, I’m proud of my body!” Atta girl! It is her body and she has all the right to show whatever she wants to. We agree that the outfit was drab but there was no reason to question her intentions of wearing it. Since it is Sonam Kapoor, she managed to carry it and even be nonchalant about the whole fuss made about it. Check out her tweet once again here.


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