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Why And How You Should Talk About Sexual Fantasies

Sexual or otherwise, having fantasies is normal and experienced by all at some point in their life. But when it comes to sexual fantasies there are no real limits to what you can think and that helps spice things up in the bedroom for you and your partner. Read on to understand just how important sexual fantasies can be in your love life.

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Why You Should Talk About It

Discussing these sexual fantasies with your partner can be a great addition to foreplay, feeling intimate and improving trust between you both. Of course, you can keep some fantasies private for you to enjoy alone when they’re away. But share the ones that you know in your heart will definitely be possible.

How To Start The Topic

Keep it simple, “Babe, I have/ had this really hot fantasy of us that I hope we can try out someday” or ” I’d love to tell you about one of my fantasies if you want to try something new?”

You can also throw hints at them by creating situations from your fantasy. Even stating the fantasy or sex scene you liked from a book or a movie or tv show can help speed things up. You can always ask them if they liked anything in particular and won’t mind trying it out with you.

Or be shy and pretend to innocently ask them about what they know about a particular fantasy. Asking about their fantasies will give you a chance to share yours as well as a tit for tat deal.

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Admit It!

Fantasy is normal and healthy, Having plain vanilla sex every day is also good just like fantasies are. Hiding your sexual fantasies from your partner can end up in a lot of pent-up feelings and this constant state of thoughts about wanting to do something different. This could then affect your relationship and performance in the present. Not talking about your sexual desires will make your irritated and anxious and unwanted pressure on your partner.

No Judgement!

Don’t shut your partner down when they talk or even suggest about their fantasies. It can ruin the mood and affect your future sex life making them hesitant to talk about anything with you without feeling judged. You need to talk it out and understand that they can or cannot like your fantasy but it needs to be cleared between you both.

Weird Fantasies Are Good!

Weird is a judgment word and should be avoided in the bedroom at all costs if you want to continue with the relationship. There are different categories of sex such as ordinary fantasy, an out of the box fantasy or just something completely eccentric yet sexy to some. The best fantasies are actually the ones that are most thought out and creative, right?

Be Patient

Sure, your partner might not want to jump straight into BDSM so all you can do is wait for them to change their minds. Patience is key in any relationship just like trust. And when it comes to sexual fantasies, having patience and trusting your partner to not judge you or your fantasy is very important.

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