What Your Choice Of Honeymoon Destination Says About You

What Your Choice Of Honeymoon Destination Says About You

A honeymoon is the most exciting vacation you will embark on! However, did you know that your choice of destination speaks a lot about you as a couple? Read on.


Couples who prefer beaches for their honeymoon vacay are all about expanding their possibilities with each other just like the sea. A romantic beachy affair for honeymoon, having view of stretch of the blue sea and the endless blue sky, all you and your partner want is to simply let go into each other’s arms. You are a what ‘hopeless romantic’ really stands for – a romantic dinner by the setting sun, a stroll on the sandy beach and the typical being ‘carried over the threshold’ of your honeymoon villa…

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Daredevils or escapers, if you and your partner are rooting for a pleasant honeymoon in the mountains, you are one to look for peace and beauty in everything. You are not intimidated by larger-than-life things, you find beauty and peace in them too.


Aren’t you two so in love with flora and fauna that you preferred to spend your honeymoon vacation amidst them! Couples who prefer jungles and/or forest covers are all about being in sync with nature and spending slow-paced honeymoon. Even though for a short while, they love to spend quality time together in nature’s cocoon, away from outside world.

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If a cruise-line vacation is your preference for your honeymoon, you and your partner must truly be a traveller at heart. You guys do not miss a chance of travelling multiple places. When spending a quality time with each other is your priority, you both love to explore new places and their cultures.

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