What To Wear When In Goa

What To Wear When In Goa

Thinking about Goa itself brings a sweet excitement to our life. It gives a different vibe altogether. Similarly, the fashion and trends in Goa are way different than what we wear on a daily basis. It’s beach waves, sunny atmosphere and hippy culture, so you must set a chilled theme when it comes to clothes. Let’s have a look at apparels that you can wear when in Goa.

1. Shorts


Shorts are perfect when you are on a vacation anywhere in the world. It is absolutely comfortable and can be worn with almost anything. So, don’t shy away from sporting your hot legs on your vacation this time.

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Long skirts are making a come back and the best part is that there are so many ways to style them. This is perfect for a beach outing with the cool breeze flowing around. It will complement the sunny outdoor outing where you can experiment with different kinds of tops.

3.Maxi dress


Dresses and vacation go hand in hand. Maxi dresses are open and free and keep you relaxed. Try experimenting with prints. You can also go for off-shoulders and side-slit maxis to spice things up.

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If you like wearing layers then KImono is perfect for you. Wear ganjis or tube tops and pair your kimono top with it. Kimono can be worn as a top or as a dress as well. Goa’s climate will flawlessly go well with the Kimono trends.

5. Swimwear


When you are going to an area rich in beaches, it’s pretty obvious that you should be well prepared with swimwear. You don’t need to wear underpants with your bikinis. If, however, bikinis make you feel uncomfortable, high-waisted bikinis and tankinis are great options too.

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