What To Wear To An Interview

What To Wear To An Interview

First impression is the best impression! And if you are just graduating from college or jumping into the work force after an extended break, the setting yourself up to stand out in the competition could be a tough task. Even you choice of attire will be viewed as an indicator of how serious you are about getting the job.

No matter if they hire you or not, your first impression should not come come across as a disappointment. And to ensure that, dressing is the first step to create a good impression. Dressing for the interview could be a tricky process, but with few tips and tricks you’ll be suiting up for success.

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Here’s a guide that’ll help you choose essential pieces for an interview.

1. Pantsuits

Pantsuits are an acceptable form of attire for any corporate companies. Although, there might be some exceptional companies, it is still a perfect to wear when going for an interview. When in doubt, its better to ask the recruiter for their suggestions and advice.

2. Skirtsuits

They are similar to pantsuits, only you replace the pants for skirts. If you choose to wear this attire for the interview make sure that the length of the skirt isn’t too short or too long. A mid length skirt would be the perfect choice.

3. Tailored Down Look

If the company is known to have a casual environment, then a you can tailor down you look your look without looking unkempt. A dressy blouse, skirt or a blouse worn with a cardigan or sweater are some of the appropriate options.

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4. Light Coloured Tops

White or light coloured tops/shirts are an interview staple. You can as well dress up your look by adding a necklace or any other minimal jewellry.

5. Dress

A midi length formal dress is as well an acceptable attire for an interview. Stay clear of any prints or bright colours. It’s wise to go for pastel or nude shades. You can as well throw a coat over your shoulder for a more sophisticated look.

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