5 Sex Resolutions That Will Double Your Pleasure

It's time you start fulfilling your resolutions and while doing this, don’t forget to revamp your sex life. The following five sex resolutions promise you better sex and greater intimacy.

5 Sex Resolutions That Will Double Your Pleasure

Women tend to compromise a lot of their desires when it comes to sex. This era is, however, about sexual freedom and there is no looking back from here. Find out what sex resolutions can double up your pleasure.

1. Stop faking it

Are you going to spend your life faking orgasms so he doesn’t feel bad? Take charge of your own pleasure and resolve to tell him where he’s lacking. A good man will want to learn how to make you feel good and this will only bring you both closer. At the same time, if you are not in the mood of getting intimate, be vocal about it. Don’t indulge yourself in the sex game, when you are actually lying low.

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2. Kiss longer

A hurried kiss of a short duration depicts that you’re rushing through sex like it’s an assignment to be completed. Remember how at the beginning of your relationship kissing was a prime part of your make-out time? Resolve to bring that back this year. And remember, after the kiss, foreplay holds the second important place.

3. Avoid getting self-conscious

It’s time you stopped worrying about that little flab on your tummy or that weird birthmark on your bottom. Stop being self-conscious about your body. It’s written nowhere that fat people enjoy sex lesser than the thin ones. Instead, focus on feeling good and making your partner feel good too.

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4. Spend time riding solo

Masturbation will help you understand your body better and know what works best for it. You can even learn a few tricks and impress your partner! Resolve to spend some time exploring your own body and encourage your partner to do the same.

5. Learn to say no

Don’t have sex if you don’t want to. It’s only human to feel averse to sex once in a while, especially when you are tired or upset or unwell. Resolve to have sex only when your mind is in the right place and your heart is in it too.

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