What is The Importance of ‘Sindoor’ In Indian Weddings?

What is The Importance of ‘Sindoor’ In Indian Weddings?

After one of the biggest weddings of the year aka Deepika Padukone – Ranveer Singh, we’ve seen many stunning pictures from all their ceremonies. Deepika Padukone wearing sindoor finally has made dramatic memes out of her own debut movie Om Shanti Om’s famous dialogue, “Ek chutki sindoor ki keemat..”


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The memes might be funny but the pictures sting us just a bit and make use realise that Deepika makes a beautiful bride more than we’ll ever be.

But the striking look from Deepika’s Griha Pravesh is what made us tear up. She looked ever the beauty as she entered her new home.

Importance of Sindoor

Indian Wedding Sindoor

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Importance of Applying Sindhoor

Sindoor Importance

Applying Sindoor or red vermillion powder in the parted hair is a physical proof of their marriage. It is also a sign of prayer for the husband’s long life. That’s why widow refrains from wearing sindoor.

Sindoor is made by mixing turmeric with lime and the metal mercury. It is often referred to as kumkum. Turmeric helps relieve stress and headaches. While the metal mercury has intrinsic properties that help control blood flow and boosts your sexual drive. For best results, sindoor is meant to be put all the way up to the pituitary glands the center of our feelings.

Social & Religious

Sindhoor and Kumkum are offered to the Gods  Lakshmi, Shakti and Vishnu in temples around India. In North India especially, it is customary for husbands to apply sindoor on their wives forehead on important festivals like Makar Sankranti and Navratri. There are also claims that sindoor brings in prosperity and good health to the house.


According to Hindu mythology, The house of Aries is on the forehead where the God Mesha resides. His planet is Mars which is red in color and is believed to be auspicious. Applying sindoor in the hair parting and forehead is a sign of good fortune. It is a symbol of female energy of the Goddesses Parvati and Sita. Applying sindoor is an indirect prayer to Goddess Parvati to take care of the husband’s life.

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