What Does Your Favourite Lipstick Say About You?

6 lip colours, different traits... Read on to find yours...

What Does Your Favourite Lipstick Say About You?

You choose something for reason – you choose them to complement your personality and to go with your mood. Woman, things you own speak a lot about you and so does the choice of your lipstick. Here are 6 different lip colours and what they say about you.


Lip Colour

Woman who prefer red over any other colour knows the ultimate secret to wear it right – to have an attitude and a poise to carry it. She is intelligent and fierce – two aspects she is absolutely proud about. She will flaunt her red lips with ace, as if she owns the colour. She knows power and she knows how to express it through red.

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Pink Lip Colour

Bubbly like the colour pink, the woman who wear pink lip colours simply LOVE to wear their hearts on the sleeves. The bolder the pink the bolder they are. They are sentimental and do not hesitate to express. They are more of chatter-boxes than listeners but, at the same time, are loyal friends too. They are very good at socialising as empathy and companionship run in their colour.


Nudes Lip Colour

Women who prefer nudes are either ready to bare their souls or shun away from the world. There is no in-between for them. They are silent observers and prefer listening more than speaking. But that does not mean they are not approachable. They are very insightful and will always look out for betterment of others.

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Plum Lip Colour

Plum is a rich, regal and elite colour. The women who prefer plum more also prefer living life royally. They believe they deserve everything larger-than-life, and why not… not every one can pull this lip colour off with an ace. They are warm at heart but at the same time will keep aloof, a little higher than the masses.


Brown Lip

A lady who wears a brown coloured lipstick is deeply sentimental but definitely not someone who wears her heart on her sleeve. She is compassionate, but a slayer too. She has a barrier around her. When her brown lips curve in a smile, you know you have crossed it.


purple colour lipstick

There is the larger group of make-up lovers who limit the purple colour only till eyeshadow, and there is the this much smaller group that will go for a purple colour lipstick. These women know no bounds and want to experience and experiment life to the fullest. They are passionate and will flaunt their oddities openly with grace.

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