Want To Finance Your Wedding? Take Tips from These 3 Financially Empowered Brides

The tradition of the bride’s family paying for the wedding is passé. As the modern woman is becoming increasingly independent — emotionally and financially, she is also ensuring that she takes care of her dream wedding. Priya Chaphekar explores the latest trend.

Want To Finance Your Wedding? Take Tips from These 3 Financially Empowered Brides

Gone are the days when the two families met months before the wedding to divvy up the wedding cost. Couples today prefer to live on their own and save a good amount of money to be able to finance their own wedding.

A matter of pride

Highlighting the changing face of today’s earning scenario, Life Coach Dr Kashissh A. Chhabriaa reveals, “Today’s woman is at par with man. Letting her parents save for their own wellbeing makes her beam with pride.”

27-year-old Nikita Wagh says, “I feel very happy and satisfied that I decided to fund my own wedding and not add burden my parents.” Dimple Chitnis, who financed her wedding back in 2003 adds, “My dad had already paid for my entire education. I’m glad I could pay for the wedding I had imagined.”

The wedding planner

Smrity Sharma, a lifestyle journalist, didn’t just finance her wedding. She stepped into the shoes of a wedding planner and took control of everything. Smrity’s marriage has reinstated her belief in the fact that one doesn’t need to spend a lot of money on something for it to be a grand success.

The game plan

“Look at areas where you can manage costs. Be practical instead of being sentimental. First calculate how much you can afford to spend and then work backwards,” advises Purnima Heble, a PR Manager.

Involving creative friends and family members in areas like card designing and baking,  will not only cut the overall cost, but also add a more personalised touch.

Tips and tricks

  • Make sure you book your venue at least six months in advance to bag a good offer
  • Research about prices from various vendors before closing the deal
  • Involve your families for feedback and suggestions
  • Read different wedding blogs to get unique ideas
  • Try to pay by cash to avoid a lot of unnecessary expenses


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