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Watch Now: Pee Cee Is Sharing Tips For Hair Care

Though Priyanka Chopra has recently become the brand ambassador for international hair care brand Pantene, but it looks like she is still dependent on home remedies a lot to take care of her tresses.

Recently a Bollywood portal has caught her sharing valuable tips on hair care. Watch the video here and read more to learn the secrets of her hair care regime…

Use coconut oil to restore the lost shine

I use coconut oil in my hair twice a month. That really works for me. It’s a very Indian traditional thing and it’s usually for the scalp—you do a scalp massage. My grandma used to do it when I was a kid and I used to hate it because my hair felt so oily and I had to keep them in the braids for like an hour, sometimes overnight. But I thank her for that today. It is one of my secrets, for sure.

Wash your hair every day

I like washing my hair every day. I love the feeling of fingers through hair and freshly conditioned hair. I don’t like too much product on my hair. I’m not someone who likes mousse and gel—I mean I do it when I have to for a red carpet or an event, but I prefer not to. I like the feeling of touchable-ness. So [to maintain that], I like to wash my hair every day or every two days, at least. I think it’s really important to make sure that your hair is well taken care of, moisturised, nourished, just like the body. Also, whenever I get split ends, I try and get a quick cut to keep my hair healthy so that it keeps growing.

A hairstyle she regrets!

I once went into a salon for a pedicure and came out with a bob. This was two years ago, actually. I had finished all my movies, I hadn’t started Quantico yet and I just wanted something different because my hair is always dictated by the films that I’m doing or the characters that I’m playing, you know? So I just went and on a whim, I cut my hair. On one side she cut it and then I started crying and I made her leave it lopsided. I called it an asymmetrical bob. I just owned it because I was too scared of letting her cut the other side of my long hair too. I would never recommend taking such drastic decisions. Think about it when you cut your hair!

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