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Warning: Avoid THESE Foods When You’re Exhausted!

Long night? Work stress? Sleep disorders? There are several factors that can make you tired and exhausted 24×7. Getting a good night’s rest is important in feeling better both mentally and physically. Eating the right things will help keep you full while still maintaining your health. So the next time you’re sleep deprived and exhausted but craving something to eat, do not go towards these foods.

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No Caffeine

If you think drinking caffeine right before you sleep is a good idea then think again. Obviously, we don’t say you need to quit coffee forever but limit yourself. Stick to 1 cup in the mornings for a wake-up boost and maybe another cup at work before lunch. But post lunch, don’t even look or think about coffee. The later you have coffee in the day the longer the effects remain thus making you more tired. Opt for alternative caffeine products like chewing gum or black teas.

No Sugars

Having sugary foods right before bed is a bad idea. But having processed foods like chips, oily junk food, and heavy desserts is worse. It’s true you crave junk food, even more, when you’re tired and lazy to cook. So you run to ready to eat meals in packets and microwaveable junk food instead of healthy meals. But that could do more damage than you think. Eating processed foods right before bed will make it harder for your digestive system to digest and process the food thus making you sluggish and lazy in the mornings.

No Alcohol

It might seem extreme but avoiding alcohol will only benefit you from overstressing your body. Having a drink or two is okay but don’t go binge drinking when you’re already feeling exhausted. Alcohol and wines have that hit of caffeine and actually breaks you REM sleep patterns. Logically the more you drink before bed, you might have to get out of bed to pee aka breaking your sleep. If just need that drink, see to it that you finish your drinking session couple of hours before sleep so your body can unwind naturally.

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Pro Tip – Hydrate

Your body might be extremely tired and you don’t feel like eating. So don’t eat! The more tired you tend to be the more you feel like eating. So instead of going for food opt for liquids instead. Water and fruit juices are a good idea to stay hydrated while being full. Jazz up your plain water with lemon slices, fruits like watermelon and berries. Adding veggies rich in water to your diet will also help keep you cool and hydrated.

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