How To Use Towel Bars For Extra Storage Space

Because towel racks shouldn't be just for towels!

How To Use Towel Bars For Extra Storage Space

Yes, you read that right. You can transform an ordinary towel rack to fit shoes, plates, pans, jewellery and what not! Here are some simple ways to transform a towel rack into a storage space.


Install a towel rack on your kitchen wall to dry your pot lids after washing them instead of leaving them on a flat surface, which doesn’t dry as quickly. Smart, right?



Why limit it only to your pot lids? Hang your pans from a towel bar with S hooks for easy drying as well! You could also attach it to an existing shelf to make a cute display like this.


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Attach a towel bar to your bedroom wall or cupboard and organise your jewellery with ease! Now you can separate your beads from your baubles without having them entangled.



Take your heels out of their box and put them on full display on your wall! Your friends will definitely look at them in envy at your next sleepover.



If you think installing a towel bar on top of your desk is stupid, it’s not! You can attach hooks to your favourite pen holders and hang them from it. Now you don’t have to worry about knocking them off your table ever again.



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