Why And How To Use Nuts In Your Diet

You can munch on these to eternity as they are extremely tasty and healthy!

Why And How To Use Nuts In Your Diet

Dry fruits are known to be full of nutrition and extremely healthy. From cashew nuts to pistachios, these nuts are tasty to munch on and can be eaten at any point of the day to curb untimely hunger pangs. They can be eaten just as they are or by incorporating them in various dishes. Here are a few reasons as well as methods to consume nuts.

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  • Breakfast


Toss in a few dry fruits into your morning cereal. This will provide you with enough energy to go about for the next few hours. A daily dose of morning nutrition and fibre and going to do nothing but good to your body. Begin your day by consuming the vitamin-rich milk, fibre rich cereal and healthy nuts.

  • Nuts with Yogurt


Yogurt itself is very healthy to consume due to the probiotics present in it. However, adding nuts is only going to add on to the nutritional value. Consume a combination of honey, greek yogurt and walnuts or pistachios with greek yogurt. Yogurt also contains healthy fats which are needed by the body to build a strong immunity. Nuts will make you feel fuller and kill unnecessary hunger pangs.

  • Smoothies


Cater to your sweet tooth by preparing a healthy chocolate smoothie. Use equal proportions of dark as well as milk chocolate. This will help in reducing the sugar intake. Dark chocolate offers umpteen health benefits. Add a few almonds and macadamia nuts to the shake. Add a mug of low-fat milk, sweetener and not sugar and blend everything well in a blender. Sprinkle a mixture of various nuts on your drink as a garnish. Not only is this smoothie healthy but extremely tasty as well.

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  • Replace potatoes with chestnuts


Potatoes are good for your health when consumed in a measured quantity. They have high fat content. Thus, replace them with chest nuts for your evening meals. Rich in vitamin c, potassium and fiber, chest nuts are a healthier alternative to potatoes.

  • Appetizers


Consume them as appetizers before meals. This makes you feel fuller and eat lesser proportions of food.

Thus, incorporate nuts in your daily diet and it shall definitely enhance your health as well as aid you in losing weight.

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