Try These 6 Latest Jackets That Are Trending Now

Try These 6 Latest Jackets That Are Trending Now

With the temperature decreasing each day, the trend of layering has already started. Formal or casual, jackets look good with every outfit. So if you are thinking of shopping this winter then we can help in choosing the perfect jackets for you. Each one will make you stand out and is perfect for this weather as well. Jackets that won’t cut your pockets as well. From bomber to blazers, these 6 stylish jackets will make your winter look trendy.

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1. Asymmetrical Jacket

Asymmetrical jackets are a rage these days. You can add these jackets to your winter wardrobe as they look super stylish.  It is available in both formal as well as informal fabric. You can carry it with both dresses as well as a ganji.

2. Blingy jacket

Gone are the days when wearing bling was not accepted. Now it is a fashion statement. Faunt this flashy jacket  over a plain top this winter. You can also wear this with a long dress along with white shoes and you are good to go.

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3. Cape Jacket

Deepika can look good in anything right? Cape jacket is a simple way to look elegant instantly. acket. This is the best for a formal look. You can try these jackets with bright colours and go for cigerette pants of the same colour just like Deepika.

4. Cross Jacket

Cross jackets are the ones where one side overlappes with the other one. It is perfect if you like to show off your perfect figure. This will keep you warm by giving you a stylish look.

5. Bomber Jacket

Like the name suggests, it makes you look like a bomb. It is a must in every girl’s wardrobe. This instantly makes a boring outfit look glamourous. Bomber jacket also look good with crop tops as well.

6. Puffer Jacket

Puffers doesn’t have to be the same old boring that we usually see. They are quite cool and they are available in trendy prints as well. If there is less cold, then you can carry this sleeveless puffer jacket and the full sleeve jacket for more cold.

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