Why Are The Trolls Targeting Deepika Padukone Again?

Trolls just won't leave her alone!

Why Are The Trolls Targeting Deepika Padukone Again?

Seems like trolls have a new favourite. And it is none other than Deepika Padukone. As her soon-to-release Padmavati runs into one controversy after another, our Queen D turned up at the GQ Fashion Nights event on Sunday looking smokin’ hot in a Sabyasachi Mukherjee outfit. While according to us she looked ravishing in this slightly risque outfit, the trolls seemed to come out in hordes against her sartorial choices.

Meanwhile, other Bollywood stars at the GQ night included Deepika’s co-star from Padmavati, Shahid Kapoor, Irrfan Khan, Vidyut Jamwal and Rajkumar Rao.

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Several commentators on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter slut-shamed her for quite a risque version of a saree. She invited comments like:

“I think pictures like this make the men more lustful because men’s natural state is to get attracted to these. Men either have to control to focus in his life or get away with lust and make this world more lustful (sic),” a @mdashrafayub said on Instagram.

Aise kapde daalengi phir bolegi ‘don’t stare at my b**bs’ (They’ll wear such clothes then tell us ‘don’t stare at my b**bs’),” said @failedengineer1 on Twitter.

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However, even as she invited the wrath of online trollers, her fans stood by her:

“THE ONLY THING THAT CAUSES RAPE IS RAPISTS. Get out with your victim blaming mentality. If men cannot control their urges and are so dangerous to women, then let’s lock them up and treat them like the barbarians they are,” said @tanishkag on Instagram.

“Most Indian ladies wear conservative clothing yet still they get raped. Rapists cause rape, not ones clothing! Rather than telling our girls to cover themselves from head to toe, try and educate our sons to be better and to treat women with respect. deepika looks fantastic in her dress and yes men do think she looks hot and lust her, that doesn’t mean they want they are gonna go out and rape!,” said asnee9677.
We clearly don’t see any reason why the trolls should be behind Deepika Padukone! You look gorgeous, Queen D. Continue to surprise us with more such sartorial choices.  Here’s a close-up of what Deepika wore, you tell us what you think:


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