TRENDING NOW: Must-Try Make-up Looks This Winter

TRENDING NOW: Must-Try Make-up Looks This Winter

If you’ve found yourself stuck in a beauty rut of late, here’s good news for you. The current make-up trend is about going bold and bright with your colour palette. What with sweaty, humid days behind us, there is no better season than winter to get experimenting with colours, techniques and more!

Electric Eyes

Must-Try Make-up

Electric blue eyes have been all the rage this year. And the trend is not dying out anytime soonA single product is enough to let you put your diva mode on! Do away with your old black liner; instead, replace it with a bold and bright blue one.
Beauty tip: A single stroke of liquid blue eyeliner is enough to make your eyes pop. You can also add a layer of a glitter over the liner for a party look. Opt for a nude pink or brown lipstick as you want to let your eyes have their moment of glory!

Lilac Eyes

Lilac eye make-up

Lilac eye make-up is having its moment, with beauty influencers across the globe raving about this statement trend. Lilac eyes lend that fresh summery feel to your look and are extremely pretty to flaunt. Brides too have been gravitating towards this pretty purple shade for their eyes and are seen flaunting it on their big day!
Beauty tip: Ditch your classic black smokey eye in exchange for this colourful eye makeup look!

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Fluttery Lashes 

smokey eye make up

While winged eyeliner or a smokey-eye make-up looks attractive, a layer of thick eyelashes sans any eye make-up manages to looks extremely natural and pretty. There’s a variety of fake eyelashes available in different sizes, lengths and volumes. Voluminous lashes lend that ‘oomph’ factor to your appearance without making it look over the top.
Beauty tip: Pair it with a pink satin lip and you’re good to go!

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Forget contouring, strobing is the way to go! For those of you, who aren’t familiar with this term, strobing basically means highlighting your cheekbones in order to enhance your features lending them that youthful yet natural glow. What differentiates strobing from highlighting is that it requires a generous layer of highlighter, sans the contouring.
Beauty tip: Pick a matte pink blush and draw a winged eyeliner to create drama. Pair it with a nude lip gloss to complete the look.

Cherry Bomb Lips

MAC’s cherry bomb lips 

MAC’s cherry bomb lips were the gossip of the town after almost every model donned them at various fashion weeks across the globe. The trick to achieving this look is that you need to focus your colour mainly on the lower lip, while adding just a subtle of red to the upper lip. Cherry bomb lips add that pop of colour to your look without making you put in much effort.
Beauty tip: Top the red lip with a gloss to make your lips look fuller and there you have it!

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