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Fringe Outfits – Reviving Retro Fashion

The fringe was first picked up in the 80s after the flapper dresses used them for their dance numbers. Fringes slowly became an all-time favourite with making entries into all kinds of clothes. From jackets to dresses to shoes, tassels are now everywhere. They can be a bit difficult to style since they are literally only pieces of a fabric but when done right, they add so much more to your look. The best way to add tassels or fringes in your outfit is to focus on one piece of clothing. Let’s master this trend with some different outfit styles.

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  • Fringe Jackets

Team your simple outfits with that biker chick fringe jacket for added edginess. You could go for a two-toned jacket with tassels on the sleeves or fringes only on the back of your jacket. Anyway, it’ll look as if you’ve stepped out for a rock concert.

  • Fringe Dresses

Fringe dresses or also known as flapper dresses are flirty, sexy and overall extremely eye-catching. Be it in any color or pattern, these tasseled beauties are bound to get attention when worn to the club under all those lights. Team it with hoop earrings, a fedora, and boots for a cool girl look.

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  • Fringe Gowns

Very over the top, fringe gowns are rarely seen unless on the red carpet. And we understand why. There’s just too much happening with your dress so you need to go minimal with your shoes and makeup. Long gowns can hide your heels but that doesn’t mean you skip wearing a fancy pair of solid colored heel or pumps. Opt for peep-toes and always choose sleeveless gowns to balance out your look.

  • Fringe Skirts

One of the best ways to wear fringes is in your skirt. Mini or midi, fringe skirts look classy and fun. Wear them for dates, shopping days with friends and even to the club. After all, the more you move the better the tassels will swing around you.

  • Fringe Shoes

Fringed shoes and heels are gorgeous and very stylish. Go for a classic tan boot with fringes or stick a pair of black tasseled heels for special occasions. They look cute and will definitely make heads turn with every outfit.

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