TREND ALERT: Watermelon Hair Color!

It seems everyone wants to have pink hair and honestly, we do too.

TREND ALERT: Watermelon Hair Color!

With the ever-changing fashion trends, eye-catching hair colors are soon catching up. From deep ombrés, icy blues to platinum blondes, every hair color has been tried and tested by almost half of Hollywood and Bollywood. So when there’s a new hair color in town, you bet we’re going to talk about it for a while.

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The look is a twist to the Rose gold look that was all over social media. While rose gold is seen as more light and pastel looking, watermelon is more popping and vibrant. A soft hue of pink and yet bordering red, ‘Watermelon’ hair color is fancy, cute and come on, it looks good on any hair length!

20- year old, Paris Jackson started the trend of watermelon hair some months ago, and many have seemed to approve the look. Her hairstylist shared the look on Instagram, dubbing the trend officially as #WatermelonShine

Watermelon Hair Color

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Supermodel Gigi Hadid also joined the gang by sporting pink bangs with long sleek hair and a tracksuit. Her shade seemed a tad darker than the usual but we don’t mind it anyway! Kylie Jenner also wasn’t ready to be left behind in this new trend.

Kylie Jenner Gigi Hadid

These pink tinged looks are now being sported by Hollywood actresses as well, one of them being Lucy Hale. She went for a cutesy ponytail, leaving few strays to frame her face on her recent red carpet look. Her ‘Pretty Little Liars’ co-star Ashley Benson also joined in coloring her hair to a shade of pink.’

shade of pink hairAshley Benson

International rapper Iggy Azalea and pop singer Perrie Edwards have already slain the pink hair game in the past. The whole world seems to want to switch to pink and we are loving this trend!

Perrie EdwardsIggy Azalea

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