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Trend Alert: Midi Rings

Midi rings are trendy, cute and easily styled with any outfit. Although they seem like any other normal rings, midi rings are well, lack of better explanation – rings that stay on the middle of your fingers. They don’t go till the end of your fingers and rest somewhere between the two bones of your fingers. They are also called as phalanx rings, knuckle rings, and fingertip rings by different people. Celebs are always caught wearing these midi beauties for different occasions in all shapes and sizes.  Here are some ways you can work these midi rings into your daily routines!

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  • Dainty Delicates

You can go for a delicate look with single midi rings. They can be studded or plain bands based on your preferences. They make you look feminine and can be worn with any casual tops and dresses. Minimalist rings are all-time favorites.

  • Bold and Beautiful

Go for a bold look with a stack of rings on each finger. This will not only make you look like a rock star but also gives an edgy look to your outfit. They can make your outfit even chicer.

  • Vintage Vibes

Prefer style statement jewelry? Opt for chunky vintage looking rings. They could be in silver or gold, with plenty of flowers and ribbons or even gems to give a royal feel. The more midi rings, the more variety of designs you can flaunt!

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  • Tube Time

Thick solid tube rings are equally trendy. Although don’t overdo it by putting them on all your fingers. Alternate them with simple dainty midi rings to balance it out.

  • Motifs Madness

The best way to highlight your midi rings? Get quirky designs! From studded solitaires to animal motifs, you can try any design. Just remember they need to be smaller than your finger as the whole point is to show off your finger and not hide it.

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