Trend Alert: How To Effortlessly Carry Belt Bags

Trend Alert: How To Effortlessly Carry Belt Bags

When it comes to bags, we don’t restrict ourselves from indulging. Though a small element in your look, it can make or break an outfit. With the right kind of a bag, you can indeed conquer the world. While most women struggle with carrying their portable world on their shoulders, some of us love to go handsfree. We carry minimal things, and travel by train, head out for a walk, swinging our hands with a worry in the world. And for someone just like this, a belt bag has evolved as a blessing in disguise. It’s not only comfy but super stylish.

Formal Flair

Dress up in matching blazer-pant set with a belt bag tied to your waist. It will give out a vibe that you mean nothing but business! Keep rest of the accessories minimal and hair tidied up.

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Casual Cool

Heading out for a cup of coffee? A pair of mom jeans, a crop top and a belt bag around your waist will make sure you look both stunning and laid back.

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Dressy Dame

If you think this style is only meant for laid back attires then you are mistaken. Whether you are heading for brunch or a birthday, wrapping this bag of utility around your waist will only give you an additional sass!

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