Trend Alert: 5 Types Of Slogan T-shirts You Must Own

Find out what suits you to the T!

Trend Alert: 5 Types Of Slogan T-shirts You Must Own


What’s a better way of getting our voices out there than using an evergreen fashion trend? Slogan T-shirts are an ideal medium of self-expression but in a super cute and fun way. Be it sarcasm, humour, hashtags or even a way to break stereotypes, talking T-shirts have come a long way since the age of groupies. These T-shirts can tell a whole lot about the person wearing them in just a glance. Here is a round-up of not only the different kinds of slogan T-shirts but also some of our personal favourites.

  • The Feminist


Want to take a stand but don’t know how to? Try one of these. Making their way onto the ramp of Paris Fashion week, T-shirts with feminist slogans are being worn by men and women alike as credentials to the fourth wave of feminism. You can wear it with tights and a jacket and you are all set to empower.

  • The Groupie


T-shirts with band slogans go all the way back to the 90s. Whether you are Classic Rock N Roll or Pop or Psychedelic, band T-shirts have a long way. It is the best way to portray your taste in music in just a glance. A band t-shirt with your standard blue jeans and a shirt around your waist gives you the perfect street look. The statement 90s trend is on its way back into our wardrobes and our hearts!

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  • The “Oh So Me”


This fashion trend makes it possible for you to put forth your habits and hobbies. Whether you are an artist or you hate mornings or you believe Garfield is your spirit animal, these T-shirts have the capacity to portray you in the rawest light. Not to mention they come in super handy on days when you just can’t decide what to wear! Pair it up with a pair of joggers or yoga pants and you have yourself the perfect attire for a lazy, rainy day.

  • The Self Help

self help

What better way to make a change in your life than wearing it? The self-help slogan T-shirts are perfect carriers of letting people know you are a work in progress. If nothing, you will definitely succeed in warding off all the unneeded drama in your life. Sport this T-Shirt with a side knot and wear it with a denim skirt and ballet flats. Remember, you are what you wear!

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  • The Model White


You probably don’t need us to tell you why a white T-shirt is a wardrobe essential. White slogan T-shirts look stylish and cute and ensure your slogan has been read. The basic white color permits you to personalize the tee and make it your own. So put on those boyfriend jeans with a pair of white sneakers and don those slogans!

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