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Trailblazers: Meet The New Internet Sensations We Can’t Get Enough Of

The Internet is something which only rewards talent. And these women have made people go crazy in India and abroad. Here are four young, bold, beautiful, talented and funny women who have won a million hearts through their talent. 

Mallika Dua:

An actor and comic, who is popular on Instagram and Snapchat for her posts, Mallika has been doing a fabulous job in ‘The Trip’ a web series. Although she comes from a respected and well-known family, Mallika had to learn everything the hard way. She worked at an advertising agency and today, she has been signed by one of the top AD agencies. With her performance, Mallika is making the world a funnier place to live.

Nidhi Singh:

With her flawless performance in the TVF Youtube series Permanent Roommates, she won won hearts all along. Her performance has been so wonderful that, today we know Nidhi Singh from her portrayal as Tanya in the web series. Nidhi shocked her family when she told them that she wanted to become an actress, since she comes from a very well-educated family. But today, her parents must be definitely proud of her acting skills.

Nidhi Bisht:

Since childhood, Nidhi has been a Bollywood buff. But her parents wanted her to have a typical stable job. She went to a Law school and even practiced law at Delhi High Court before taking it up full time. She tried her luck in acting and learnt the true meaning of acting in theatre. Her collaboration with TVF-an online digital entertainment channel, brought her into lime light. Her acting has been well appreciated. Her love for theatre turned her to an entrepreneur as she has started her own theatre company ‘New Brain Theatre Volks’. Nidhi Bisht has truly made her dreams come true.

Aditi Mittal:

She is one of the first women to do stand-up comedy in India. Aditi has been rated amongst India’s top 10 stand-up comedians. She is a lady who didn’t limit her talent and performed at venues and humor festivals in abroad as well. Aditi is one dynamite woman who is make Indian proud even internationally.



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