The Top 8 Things That You Should Never Do After Sex

People often take their partner for granted and behave in a boorish manner which surely annoys your partner. Well, here are some things you must never do after making love.

The Top 8 Things That You Should Never Do After Sex

Rushing to the bathroom: Getting up and rushing to the bathroom just after making love is a terrible idea. Most people go to the bathroom to check their appearance, brush their teeth or take a shower. It is understandable that you want to be clean but sometimes just lying in the bed with your partner is much more intimate.

Unhygienic body movements: Making Love is an act in which you share your whole privacy with your partner; still there are limits. Scratching or picking your nose or passing gas in not at all funny. One must maintain certain etiquette even in their closest moments together.

Checking your Mobile: Almost everyone does it. Checking your Mobile phone just after intimacy makes your partner feel neglected. We know your time is valuable and you need to stay connected to the world, but the intimate moment with your partner is also a precious one, respect that.

Dressing to leave:  You are done and you are moving on, certainly it means the sex was just another task on your mind. You may be getting late for work but a minute togetherness when you look into your partner’s eyes and bond goes a long way in your relationship.

Saying how good you didn’t were: You need not toot your own horn. You may feel that you were superhuman in bed today but saying that makes it cringe worthy. It is better to compliment your partner and if she/he feels you were good they will certainly say so.

Turning on the TV:  Listening to the problems of the free world or catching the latest score just after some great intimacy may seem to be a very relaxing and luxurious idea but actually, it is not. It shows your insensitivity towards the intimacy you just shared. If you have to watch TV, select something both of you can watch together.

Not cuddling: Some people just roll over and go to sleep after making love. It’s better to cuddle and show your love and affection to each other. Look into each other’s eyes and relax in your partner’s arms. This is a great moment to bond and have a romantic conversation about your love, dreams and life.

Falling asleep: Most people do this and it’s not the best thing to do after sex. Sleeping immediately after sex won’t give you the opportunity to cuddle and enjoy the moment you just shared with your partner.


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