Birth Control Myths That Can Ruin Your Sex Life

Birth Control Myths That Can Ruin Your Sex Life

From IUDs to the pills, injections, and patches, there are all kinds of birth control methods available in the market nowadays. But do you know if its the right one for you? How much do you know about birth control even though it is for your body? Here are the top 3 birth control myths that are slowly ruining your sex life.

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Works Right Away!

Birth Control Myths

Let’s make it clear that the pill is not effective immediately! You cannot be sure that the birth control pills will work right away. So for the first month, you need to use a condom. Birth control pills start working immediately only if used directly on the first day of your periods. We don’t want unexpected or unplanned pregnancy to ruin your relationship so be cautious and don’t skimp or miss out.

Withdrawal is Best

Birth Control Pills

As much as we think withdrawal is possible in the heat of the moment it’s impossible to think logically. The withdrawal method is for sure not safe enough for you to skip on the pills. There are chances of the sperm being released before he actually reaches the peak. Plus are you ever really sure that he will pull out at the right time?

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Birth Control Prevents STDs


False! Condoms are the only contraceptives that will protect you against any sexually transmitted diseases. Birth control options like sponges, diaphragm or cervical caps cannot in any form offer safety from STDs or HIV. Protection in the form of condoms and regular checkups is the only way to prevent STDs.

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