Top 10 Smart Ways On How To Deal With Office Bullies

Are you a target of workplace harassment? Learn how to deal with bullies in your office.

Top 10 Smart Ways On How To Deal With Office Bullies

deal with office bullies

Don’t get emotional: Bullies take pleasure in emotionally manipulating people. Stay calm and rational to diffuse the situation.

Don’t blame yourself: Acknowledge that this is not about you; it’s about the bully. Don’t lose your confidence, or think you are incapable or incompetent. They are usually beating you at a mind game, not based on your actual work performance.

Do your best work: The bully’s behaviour will seem more justified if you aren’t doing your best work, or if you do things like come to work late, take long lunches, turn in work late, etc.

Build a support network: Instead of allowing the bully to make you retreat into your office, work on building your relationships with your coworkers so that you have support and the bully doesn’t turn them against you as well (although she will try and may even be successful).

Document everything: Keep a journal (on your personal computer or in writing, but never leave it in the office) of what happened when (and who witnessed it) so that if you need to escalate this problem to Human Resources, you have the information you need to make your case. Keep emails and notes.

Seek help: If you think you’re being bullied, it’s time to start talking to others who can help you manage this situation. Try a mentor, advocate, seasoned/experienced friend, even a legal advocate who specialises in bullying and inappropriate or discriminatory behaviour in the workplace. Tread lightly when approaching your human resources department. HR doesn’t have the luxury of keeping everything you say confidential so don’t treat a meeting with them like a counselling session where you should share everything you think/feels or assume that they can or will fix the problem for you.

Get counselling: It will help you deal with the stress, especially if the bullying is already affecting your physical and mental health. You have to take care of yourself.

Stay healthy: Maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle outside of work to help you cope with the madness at work. Work out, get a good night’s sleep and eat a healthy diet.

Educate yourself: Learn everything you can about bullying, your company’s policies on inappropriate behaviour and occupational law regarding this kind of experience. The more you know, the better your chances of successfully dealing with this situation.

Don’t expect to change the bully: Real behaviour change is difficult and it takes time. You have no control over a bully’s willingness to accept that they have a problem and to work on it. You can do your best to manage the situation, but it’s really the company’s responsibility to be observant and responsive to the needs of their workers and the general work environment.

Top 10 Smart Ways On How To Deal With Office Bullies


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