Tone Up Now With An Expert-Backed 30-Day-Workout Plan

The focus should be not on shedding the kilos, but on getting a plan that lets you tone up. We tell you how to do just that.

Tone Up Now With An Expert-Backed 30-Day-Workout Plan

Body Weight Training

The easiest way to get a well-toned body is to make full use of your body without using any kind of training equipment. For better results, one can add effective exercises such as push-ups, planks, lunges, squats and pull-ups. For brides, with a busy schedule, these exercises can be performed at home, eliminating the need to hit the gym.

Strength Training
This type of training will add resistance to your trouble areas and help tone muscles without looking skinny. This kind of training will include a lot of workouts for the back, the shoulder and the arm. A well-rounded fitness regime such as cardiovascular exercises and resistance training, will help add focus on your upper body. These workouts will lend you a well-toned back and shoulder, making you ready to flaunt your backless and sleeveless outfits.

Practice Yoga

Performing yoga regularly helps tone your body  and burn fats. Yoga offers a lot of flexibility or relaxation. The most preferred yoga poses for to-be brides are as follows–

Butterfly Pose, wherein you need to sit in a manner where your knees have to come close to your chest and have to be placed on either sides. Now press the bottom of your feet gently. This form of workout will give you a calm vibe thus helping to release the wedding stress.
In Balasana or Child’s pose, you need to untuck your toes and lower hips. Place your body on your thighs and lie down by resting your forehead on the ground. This form of yoga offers you great relief from back and shoulder pain.

*The writer is a fitness consultant at Prosport Fitness and Injury Management Centre


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