Tips And Tricks To Achieve That Perfect Pout

Line Your Lips Just Like Kylie Jenner!

Tips And Tricks To Achieve That Perfect Pout

Thin-lipped? Worry no more, for over-lined lips are here to save the day! This makeup hack or well trick has changed the lives of all those who dream of plump lips like fashion model Kylie Jenner. Everyone is here for the trend since who doesn’t like having a full lip without the pain of fillers and pumpers. Lip liners were created with the sole aim of defining your lips, and overlining them is just a step ahead in the right direction. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this will give you full lips permanently. Sadly it is still only a makeup trick to please the eyes. Here are 3 ways you can achieve over-lined lips with ease.

Perfect Pout

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  • Apply With Care


Its all in the application. How you use your tools aka your lip liner and base lipstick. It’s best to exfoliate your lips with a soft toothbrush plus a sugar scrub and pat dry. Do a base of your favourite lipstick preferably matte to indicate the edge lines that you need to keep in mind while filling in. Once that is done, you can work your way around the lips with a shade darker or similar than your lipstick to line your lips. Work on your upper lip and move outwards as you fill it out. Then you can join the corners with your bottom lined lip. Remember to keep it sharp and clean, thus defining your lips and create the illusion of volume and plumpness.

  • Focus On The Specifics

   Perfect Pout

You don’t need to color every inch of your lips! Lip lining is only an added advantage to make your lips look defined and sharper. So even working on one area of your lips will get the desired effects. For example, filling your cupid’s bow (the area above the center of your upper lip) can transform your entire lips completely. You can always work with the corners or focus on the upper lip only. Just remember, you don’t need to do an art class on your lips for the sake of puffy lips. Go minimal but effective.

  • Right Color and Hues

Color and Hues

Although it may seem easy, finding the right lip color can be a task. From every conceivable shade and hue already created in the markets, choosing the perfect lip liner that matches or at best blends well complimenting your lips can be hard to find. Using a contrasting color will make up for a striking look although we don’t exactly see it off the ramp, we do like a bold lip. Opt for shades that highlight your lips and can easily be overlined with not much blending required. This will lessen your work furthermore make you look fabulous.

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