How To Stop The Nail Biting Habit Of Your Kid?

New Woman shares the tips which will help you to stop this unhealthy and annoying habit of your kid.

How To Stop The Nail Biting Habit Of Your Kid?

The most common problem in children is nail biting. There are various reasons why children bite their nails—stress relief, habit or even imitation. If not stopped at an early age, this habit is likely to continue to adulthood. New Woman guides you to tackle this issue; take note…

Address their anxiety: It is important to know the underlying cause of any stress or anxiety. If your child is constantly anxious then find out why. Whether it is a class test, peer pressure, family fights or a punishment in school—address your child’s stress and make an effort to talk it out.
Break the habit: Educate and inform your child about the nail biting habit, and what impression it carries in a social gathering. Talk to your child and help him/her to break this habit. You can also agree on a quiet and secret reminder, i.e. a light nudge on the arm or may be a code word. Doing this will make your child more conscious and aware of his/her actions.

When to worry about nail biting?
Though nail biting is common in children, the severity of it can be a signal of excessive anxiety. If nail biting makes your child’s fingertips sore and bloody, consult a doctor immediately.

Do not punish: Nagging constantly or punishing your child will not solve the nail biting issue. Do not pressure your child to stop all the time, as it may add to their stress and can intensify their behaviour too. Also, do not resort to applying nasty tasting solutions on their fingernails. It may feel like a punishment for them. Think and act smartly.
Find an alternative: Make your child busy in a substitute activity. Allow them to help you in your errands when they are sitting idle at home. Also, make sure they are busy running and playing outdoors during their free time. This will keep them occupied and keep their anxiety and stress at bay.



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