Tips To Prevent SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) This Winter

Tips To Prevent SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) This Winter

Do you feel or know someone who gets sadder than usual during the cold days?  Some people tend to get affected by the winter season also called ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder’. It is also called the ‘Winter Depression’ since it mostly happens in the fall and winter months. You might even know someone who has the symptoms but doesn’t realise it yet. It is mostly a mental block but can be overcome with love and patience. Reach out to those that care about you and share what you might be experiencing. Here are some ways you can help someone with SAD this winter.

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On The Move

Seasonal Affected Disorder

Working out during winters is a great thing since you burn more calories than usual. Exercise keeps you active, pumps the happy hormones in your body thus keeping a check on your stress levels and depression. You could run, jog, walk or just dance to keep moving and feel healthy and happy.



Make plans and keep yourself busy with friends family or work colleagues. Party and social events will make you feel supported, loved and needed. Staying connected to others is the best thing you can do make yourself feel better. You don’t need to talk about your feelings all the time but its a good sign to let it out and feel relieved that there are others who are feeling the same like your or have their own problems.

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Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Tips To Prevent SAD

Distract yourself with other things and plans if you feel the sadness hitting you. Play with your pets more, exercise, listen to uplighting music or even better make your own music. Do something that you like to keep you off your depressive thoughts and engrossed in other activities. Don’t jump to conclusions and don’t believe everything you see or are told. Think about yourself over others during these times and you’ll manage to sail smoothly.



Along with other things, you also need a sense of calmness to your mind. Mediation will help you keep your feelings in check and a control over your anxieties during these days. Mindful meditation helps calm your mind down and gives you a soothing feeling that helps lower stress levels and SAD.

Take A Vacation

Go out, travel and explore new places. Be it with family or friends, go out on a mini vacation to a place you’ve been wanting to go or have already been to and holds a happy memory for you. Go to warm places and happening cities to keep your mind off the winter blues.

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