Tips To Care Of Your Eyes When Using Technology

Tips To Care Of Your Eyes When Using Technology

With the technological advancement, people are glued to technology which affects their health, mind and especially their eyes. The shine in the eyes become dull, you suffer from headaches and develop dark circles from overstraining your eyes. Here are some easy ways you can take care of your eyes while using technology every day.

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Anti Glare Screen Protector

Anti Glare Screen Protector

Use an anti-glare screen protector on your mobile or desktop screen so that the brightness and the radiation do not affect your eyes and helps maintain the shine of your eyes.

Splash of Water

Eyes Care Tips

While dealing with technology a person’s eye is generally observed to dry up very quickly, which later on can hurt you. Use rose water or splash normal water in the middle of your working with the technology. Taking breaks away from your screen every 20 minutes also helps to relieve your eyes.

Screen Resolution Adjustment

Eyes Care Tips

If you are using tiny fonts or working under extremely dull and dark screen brightness, then here is an alarm for you. The tiny fonts and the dull screen can force you to strain your eyes which can impair eyesight. Instead, use a larger or normal sized font and a higher level of brightness for your mobile or desktop screen. Avoid using tech right before bed or it’ll affect your sleep patterns.

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Keep Technology at a Safe Distance

Eyes Care

Keep your technology at least 16 to 18 inches away from your face to avoid the stress and glare. At best limit your use of gadgets so as to not overstrain your mind and eyes.

Keep Your Screen Clean

Screen Clean

Often you must have seen your own mobile or desktop screen having fingerprints and other scuff marks. These marks are unsanitary and create additional strain on your eyes. So keep cleaning your screen daily or at least once a week.

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