Tips To Have A Session Of Hot Shower Sex

Prepare yourself for a sexual frenzy in the shower!

Tips To Have A Session Of Hot Shower Sex

As comfortable as bedroom sex is, it is always fun to experiment and turn our fantasies into reality. Take it up a notch and discover your wild side by indulging in a session of steamy shower sex. Here is your guidebook to experiencing perfect sex in the shower!

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  • Foreplay Is Important


Don’t jump right into the shower. Strip in front of your partner, play with yourself under the shower and tease him a bit. Apply shower gel on your body with a loofah and look at him while doing so. When he cannot resist anymore, have mercy on the poor guy and pull him under the shower!

  • Do It The Doggy Style


The best sex in shower is when done in doggy style as it gives maximum way for penetration as well as balance. It’s one of the safest position to have sex in a shower, where the chances of slipping and hurting yourself are umpteen. This can also be done in a bathtub where it is much more comfortable and easy to carry out.

  • Shower Massage


Stimulate each other sensual organs by massaging each other’s sensitive and erotic areas. Not only will it heat things up but also help in achieving maximum pleasure.

  • Kink It Up!


Get kinky with the use of props like handcuffs. Handcuff your partner’s hands to the shower head and work your way on his magic wand. Blowjobs in the shower are something men fantasize about quite often.

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  • End Your Session With A Passionate Kiss


Face each other with your bodies wrapped into each others arms. Let him caress your breasts while you do the same to his butt. Kiss him and caress his hair as you do so and conclude your session with cuddling and playing under the shower.

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