How To Buy The Correct Make-up Tools

How To Buy The Correct Make-up Tools

We’ve all worked with make-up at least once in our lives. While some turn it into art, others tend to look like a mess. Other than buying the perfect makeup, you also need to have appropriate brushes! From choosing the right size to the right shape, Here are some quick tips to remember when buying makeup brushes.

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Feather Duster Brushes

Feather Duster Brushes

Who knew that if you’re in a tight spot, using fluffy feather duster brushes for any part of your face is equally useful? Available in all sizes, these puffy brushes are good enough for your eyes, cheeks, and even the lips if needed! Dusting your makeup on or off (excess) your face is made easy with these brushes.

Branded or Non-Branded

makeup brushes

Why go for expensive makeup brushes when you can buy better and cheaper ones from small stores instead? Big brands are good in terms of everything but so are brands which are lesser known. Beginners can opt for cheaper brushes that will get the work done any which way. After all, the real technique is in the hands of the applier. Branded makeup and brushes can be of better quality but it also costs too much for the common man. Non branded brushes can be easier on the pocket while still doing the needed job. You can choose a cotton ball or an exclusive makeup wipe depending on your budget.

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Beauty Blender V/S Brush

Beauty Blender

The ultimate question, what do you choose when it comes to blending your makeup? Do you go for a beauty blender or dive at your foundation brush? Simple answer, if you have a liquid foundation or primer, go for a blender. Remember that your beauty blender needs to be wet before using so keep the water handy. This helps keep your face cool and doesn’t let the blender absorb too much makeup than necessary. Powder makeup works better for brushes. But at the end of the day, you can always give it a shot with your fingers if that helps blend the best on your skin.

Cotton Balls For Makeup

Cotton Balls For Makeup

Top experts recommend to carry around cotton balls for easy makeup hacks wherever you go. Cotton tissues, buds, pads along with cotton balls can help create looks within seconds or get them off (if you have makeup remover solutions or water handy) Again you don’t need expensive, branded or scented ones. Normal drugstore cotton balls or rolls will also work effectively.

If makeup doesn’t suit your skin or a product gives you acne, go natural or choose makeup that has natural ingredients. The market is filled with options so choose what is best for you.

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