Things You Should Never Do On Empty Stomach

You are what you eat!

Things You Should Never Do On Empty Stomach

There is an old saying that our eating habits define our personality i.e. you are what you eat. The same way, what you do before or after eating also has a profound effect on health. Here is the list of things that you should not do on empty stomach.

Intake of anti-inflammatory

Aspirin, paracetamol and other non-steroidal medicines should not be consumed on empty stomach. Its effect is reduced and will turn into a negative effect on health. There may be problems like gastric bleeding due to this.

Advice: Do consume such medicines with milk. If you don’t like drinking milk, drink plenty of water after having medicine.

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Drinking coffee

By drinking coffee on empty stomach, the production of acid in the stomach rises, increasing the likelihood of burning sensation in the stomach and other digestive problems. Not having breakfast after drinking coffee reduces the production of happy hormones called serotonin in the body, which makes us feel irritable all day long.

Advice: If you want to start the day with coffee, add milk or cream. Fats in the milk reduces the negative effects of coffee.

Alcohol consumption

Drinking alcohol leads to a rapid acceleration in the abdomen and its hangover also lasts for a long time, it has a bad effect on our liver, kidney and heart.

Advice: Alcohol consumption should anyway be minimized. But if you cannot live without it, it would be better to eat non-carbonated drinks because they are slowly absorbed in the body. You must also eat at least one butter sandwich or any healthy snack before drinking alcohol.

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Chewing gum food

By eating chewing gum, digestive acid is produced, which eliminates the lining of the anti-stomach. Although consuming too much of chewing gum increases the risk of stomach problems.

Advice: Choices with natural suites are less damaged. Do not chew the chewing gum for more than 10 minutes even after your stomach is full.

Going to sleep

You won’t get a good sleep due to hunger and it lowers glucose levels in the body resulting in sleep deficiency. Lack of sleep increases the production of hunger hormones. This is the reason we eat more the next day if we skip dinner the last night.

Advice: There are many food items that are to be avoided before going to sleep. Therefore it is better to drink hot milk before sleeping because it contains calcium and magnesium, which helps to get a good sleep.

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