These Common Mistakes Can Ruin Your Sex Life

Don't make it bad!

These Common Mistakes Can Ruin Your Sex Life

Sex is great for both partners but these things can be absolute dealbreakers! Here are some things you should avoid doing with your partner while you both are getting hot and heavy.

Being unresponsive

Women, sometimes, tend to be shy and unresponsive during lovemaking, thanks to their upbringing. Let go of your inhibitions and start being responsive to his approaches in bed. Make your man sense how much his moves drive you crazy and that he means the world to you.

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Confining Yourself to the bed

After the day’s unending chores, all that a woman wants to do is to hit the bed. But you need to get out of the bed and try out new places and areas for making love. A sofa or bathtub might be favourable options to explore. So turn on the heat and rekindle that magic in your relationship.

Restricting the act to the dark

A lot of women prefer to indulge in sex only in the night. Making love is equally exciting during the day. Try breaking the mundane routine of your busy mornings to get cosy with your man. Hit the bed for a short while in the morning and make his day.

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Treating sex like a routine

Lovemaking is not a duty but an intimate bonding. Do not take it as a baby-making ritual or a task that you have to try and get over with fast. Be naughty and flirt with your man. Make him feel wanted and special, most importantly in bed.

Being diplomatic

Do not fake your feelings. If you dislike something about your man, express it to him. If there are some moves you don’t like in sex, tell him. Make polite talk with him. He will appreciate and understand it. This will bring both of you closer—physically and emotionally.

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