10 Signs He Is The One For You

10 Signs He Is The One For You

Finding the one is often the most uncertain and challenging quest we set on. Especially in the age of speed-dating and swiping, millennials are drifting away from the idea of being able to find “the one”. A sour previous relationship and several unpleasant tinder dates convince our hearts that true love is a myth. However, when we do find the one, our fear of getting hurt refrains us from nurturing the potential relationship. Here are 10 signs that says he is the right man for you.

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1) You share the same values
Shared values are better than shared interests. He may be hooked on to cricket while you like your music. However, do you share the same values? Do you both prioritize spending time with each other? Do you both respect the other’s opinion?

2) You can have an open conversation with him
Lack of communication with your partner is a common reason of fallouts. If he builds a safe non-judgmental haven for you where you can speak of your most innate desires, never ever stop talking!

3) If you don’t meet him for days, nothing changes
Attraction can often be confused for love. We tend to get infatuated with novelty. When our object of affection is travelling or busy, do we drift apart? If he makes effort to talk and when he comes back he loves you just the same, you know the love is bound to stay.

4) You both trust each other
The need to check each other’s phones can be devastating for a relationship. If he doesn’t give you a reason to feel insecure and doesn’t shy away from commitment, guess who is earning loyalty rewards?

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5) He knows of your quirks
Your man doesn’t think you are perfect. He knows your inner quirks and still doesn’t condition you to change. And you would do the same for him, anyday.

6) You plan things together
Is he afraid to plan a vacation, 2 months down the line? Does he discuss the ideal city to live in your 30s? If he is discussing his future plans with you and somehow involving you in the same says that he is thinking long-term.

7) There are no significant secrets
Secrets can imprison you and truth shall set you free. If there are no significant secrets including old relationships, your bond will not feel burdened under the unnecessary baggage.

8) He brings out the best in you
A soulmate enters our life to teach us important life lessons. A life partner brings out the best of you and makes you the best version of yourself.

9) You can compromise for each other
If you can resolve problems mutually and compromise for a bigger goal- relationship peace! You know you are with the right man if he doesn’t shy away from making small adjustment for you.

10) Money matters
Apart from compatibility, money-related issues is a common cause of distress in a marriage. It is important that you are able to freely discuss financials with him. Both partners need to be on the same page in terms of expectations.

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