Washing your hair may seem a process just too obvious, but what if we told you that you may not really be doing it the right way? Here is all you need to know about washing your hair to great looking hair.


Before you get your hair wet, brush them out and remove the tangles and breaks. Also, oiling your hair 30 minutes before washing it adds shine to your mane. And while we are on it, thoroughly wet your hair before you apply shampoo on it.


Hot water dries the strands, making it brittle, so it is always advisable to use warm water, in order to open the hair’s cuticle or scalp pores, and remove any residue or dirt. However, rinse and finish off with cold water, which prevents frizz and helps close the cuticle, thus retaining your hair’s moisture and leaving it soft and shiny.


Wash your mane regularly to cleanse your hair and scalp, but do not overdo it. Concentrate shampoo only at the scalp or the crown area and don’t apply more than a quarter-sized amount. Normal or dry hair should be washed thrice a week, but if you have oily hair, experts suggest washing your hair every day.


Conditioner rebuilds and seals in the moisture in your hair, which helps your hair look soft, shiny, sleek and healthy. Never apply conditioner on your scalp, as the natural oils from your scalp will do the job, so your focus should be from the mid-shaft of your hair to the tips—where your hair actually needs conditioning.—and leading the conditioner right up to the mid-shaft of your hair


Feel your scalp after you are out of the shower to ensure there is no shampoo or conditioner left–any residue may cause damage or dandruff.


1. Dilute your shampoo in a handful of water and mix it well before applying it.

2. Do not brush wet hair directly after your shower, as it is most prone to breakage there; instead, simply squeeze them in your towel and allow them to dry naturally.

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