How To Tease Him Into Complete Arousal

How To Tease Him Into Complete Arousal

Being called a tease is a good way to show off your sex skills while not actually servicing him. Play nice and simple with these tips to work him up into a frenzy. Tease him with your words, your touch and your body in the right ways to turn him on. The more sexual tension, we guarantee your sex is going to end up being equally satisfying and mind-blowing.

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Complete Arousal

Actions are great but words are the starting steps of a great sex session. Dirty talking, making him remember all those good times you’ve had in the bed and basically fueling his imagination with sexy images and thoughts will act like a charm on his pants. You could sext, or send erotic fiction or just have some good old’ phone foreplay to get the show started.


sex skills

A slight graze and a subtle squeeze in the right places can liven things up. Passing by too close in a public setting or nibbling his ear in the elevator with a neighbor can be turning on the heat for later. Words and touches are a great way to heighten the sex factor while still keeping your clothes on.



Sexual foreplay is nothing but a game of tease. So why not frustrate him to the best capacity that leaves both of you panting for the real deal? Sexual friction is always good and adding roleplay or sex toys to this mix will help shoot both your libidos to the max.

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Start the show and stop it midway, start it again and then stop till you both are like sex starved animals. Edging is a neat tease trick for those who like the power of control and domination in bed minus the BDSM play. While you can always give in easily, the more creative you get, the longer you can play this game and wilder the sex.


Tease Him

The cruelest and yet the most satisfying way to up your teasing game is with denial of an orgasm. Imagine almost ready at the peak and being denied the simple joy of ecstasy! By the end of the teasing time, you’ve driven him crazy with want or succumbed to his desperation. Both sound a win-win for you!

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