How To Take Good Care Of Your Skin

It's time to glow!

How To Take Good Care Of Your Skin

A hectic schedule, dust, and pollution can often dull your skin. Here’s what you can do to keep your skin glowing and young.


Cleanse well

It’s important to cleanse your skin in the morning to prepare it, and at night to get rid of the grime that it is subjected to. Even people with normal to oily skin need to use pH neutral cleansers during winter. A harsh cleanser can irritate the skin, increase the risk of eczemas and leave the skin feeling rough and itchy. If you have a particularly dry skin, go for an oatmeal bath.

Make sure to moisturise 

There is no one moisturiser that is suitable for all. A humectant such as glycerine is usually mild and soaks inside the skin without feeling greasy. If one has a collection of dead skin, then a mild exfoliant can be used to gently scrub away the dead skin. A moisturiser with Shea butter maybe more suitable for extremely dry skin but it feels greasy and is better tolerated overnight.

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Use a sunscreen

It’s a myth that one doesn’t need sunscreens during winter as there is hardly any sunlight. Sunscreen protects you from UV light and it is the visible light index that is low in winters whereas the UV index continues to stay high. The use of sunscreen is therefore mandatory and you may use a greasier sunscreen formulation like a lotion instead of a gel.

Follow a regime

Every individual has a different skin and different type of problem too. The skin care regime, therefore, needs to be customised for each individual. Most of us need an anti-ageing cream, and perhaps a few more active agents like vitamins and a moisturiser at night. It is worthwhile seeing a dermatologist to get a personalised skincare regime.

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Maintain skin wellness

Healthy skin is a reflection of good inner health. So continue to eat healthily, drink plenty of water and exercise regularly.

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